Ascot 2011Royal Ascot 2011 saw the house of GUIBERT Millinery make a debut appearance to the delight of dedicated fashionistas on every day of the festival. On Ladies Day alone, GUIBERT had a staggering seventy plus individually designed and stunningly sculptured hats by Dawn Guibert, in the Royal Enclosure.

TV Presenter, Zoey Bird wore a GUIBERT hat every day during the festival and got snapped loads on the first day, wearing an eye-catching coral hat which was filmed by the BBC and also snapped by Dan Abrahams: Horse Race Writer & Photographer of the Year 2010.

Ascot 2011

Ascot 2011







Day two saw Zoey presenting for ‘At The Races’ in a fabulous blue and ivory GUIBERT creation which was complimented on ATR by John McCririck.

Ascot 2011 Ascot 2011






The ‘Hat Magazine’ as well as a photographer from a French magazine took photos of Zoey everyday. Also viewers were emailing Sean in the booth of ATR/SKY about Zoey’s hats. Now, that has to be a first!!!

Zoey At Ascot

Zoey is wearing a stunning headpiece in a soft peach tone.

Hats Designed and made by Dawn Guibert. Images copyright by GUIBERT Millinery.

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