Ascot 2011Royal Ascot 2011 saw the house of GUIBERT Millinery make a debut appearance to the delight of dedicated fashionistas on every day of the festival. On Ladies Day alone, GUIBERT had a staggering seventy plus individually designed and stunningly sculptured hats by Dawn Guibert, in the Royal Enclosure.

TV Presenter, Zoey Bird wore a GUIBERT hat every day during the festival and got snapped loads on the first day, wearing an eye-catching coral hat which was filmed by the BBC and also snapped by Dan Abrahams: Horse Race Writer & Photographer of the Year 2010.

Ascot 2011

Ascot 2011







Day two saw Zoey presenting for ‘At The Races’ in a fabulous blue and ivory GUIBERT creation which was complimented on ATR by John McCririck.

Ascot 2011 Ascot 2011






The ‘Hat Magazine’ as well as a photographer from a French magazine took photos of Zoey everyday. Also viewers were emailing Sean in the booth of ATR/SKY about Zoey’s hats. Now, that has to be a first!!!

Zoey At Ascot

Zoey is wearing a stunning headpiece in a soft peach tone.





Stobart Branding, Ascot 2011
GUIBERT Millinery was pleased to have been commissioned to design and make a spectacular bespoke hat for the Stobart Group, sponsors for the Professional Jockeys Association – who’s jockeys carry the Stobart branding on their breeches..
Dawn Guibert designed and created the stunning piece over four days so it could be worn at Royal Ascot by Miss Clare Burrell.

Dawn made the hat as a double fan raised design with thirty two hand made roses, forty five leaves and very careful free hand embroidery spelling out the name ‘Stobart’ across the back of the hat. Stobart Branding, Ascot 2011
Seven different fabrics were used to make the eye-catching work of art replicate the original Stobart Corporate colours.

Hats Designed and made by Dawn GUIBERT. Images copyright by GUIBERT Millinery.

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